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Engaging the public

The Commission is Canada's human rights watchdog. We are an independent, national voice for human rights in Canada. We rely on valued relationships within the human rights community, and collaborative dialogue with advocacy organizations, Indigenous organizations, Canadian employers, youth advocates, law societies, academics, and other human rights advocates across Canada. We also engage with the broader Canadian public reached our various multimedia platforms to raise awareness and encourage social change.

In 2021, it was more important than ever that we remained closely connected with our partners, with people in Canada, and with the voices of those with lived experience. Throughout the past year, we engaged with audiences through a host of virtual speaking events, through engagement with our human rights partners both within and outside government, and through an open dialogue with the Canadian media.

Across our various platforms, we worked to remain a bold, national voice for human rights in Canada by:

From left to right: Celeste McKay, Co-Author of the report; Professor Don McRae, Co-Author of the report; John Olthius, Counsel for the Innu Nation; Grand Chief Etienne Rich, Innu Nation; Deputy Grand Chief Mary Ann Nui, Innu Nation; Chief Eugene Hart, Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation; Yvette Michel, Innu Nation; Marie-Claude Landry, Chief Commissioner, Canadian Human Rights Commission; and Keith Smith, Director General, Policy and Communications, Canadian Human Rights Commission.